beyond the confines of an insular nationalism

beyond the confines of an insular nationalism

Burdwan house blooms open it’s petals,

the oval half fielding cargo unloaded by longshoremen,

but they are extinct.

So, we are informed that we cannot hate ‘the other:’

Verse that is not sufficiently cosmopolitan will be blacked-out by the censor;

like fiends in Suhrawardy,

like the cadre piercing slogans through the megaphone that unionizes with the vanguard, who remain in attention

even against the feigning storms

that leak in through the tarpaulin.

Photo: Roger Gwynn


সশস্ত্র-The Reserve Army

সশস্ত্র-The Reserve Army

The bomb, you know.
It terrifies you.
But you know.
You stamp its tongue at the ballot.

But you don’t know, or you don’t remember the street; the elbows braided like playgrounds;
Hands clutched for the eventual brickbat; motorists flirting like scabs in the colander;
you laugh.

you are annoyed and grace lunch to strongmen.


ভর্তি পরিক্ষায় চোদাতে পারেনা আবার ঢাবির ছাত্র/ছাত্রী বলে নিজেকে দাবি করে কত নিন্ম রুচির হলে একথা বলতে পারে

তোরা যে বাপের চোদা সেটা অস্বীকার করে বল যে আমরা রাষ্ট্রপতির চোদা এতে মান সন্মান বারবে
রাষ্ট্রপতির সন্তান বলে পরিচয় দিতে পারবি

The ZT014 Armoured Personnel Carrier is a non-combat application public security vehicle designed to be used by law enforcement agencies. It is based on the Ford F-450 chassis and is fully armoured.

Manufactured in China by Centech Specialty Vehicles Co; the platform features a turret weapon station, 9 firing ports, winch, emergency lighting system and externally mounted video camera surveillance system. It is operated by a driver and can accommodate up to 9 other personnel.


The Dhaka Metropolitan Police is the primary user of the ZT014 armoured personnel carrier in Bangladesh at present.

Technical specifications

Origin: China
Type: Riot-control armoured personnel carrier
Chassis: Ford F-450
Crew: 1 + 9
Service: Bangladesh Police


এইসব ফাইজলামির কোন মানে হয়??? প্রযুক্তি ইউনিটের পোলাপাইনরা তো লাফায় না। এইসব বা* গুলা কেন এত্ত লাফায়??? নিজের কিছু নাই দেইখা অন্যেরটা দিয়ে কাম চালানোর ধান্দা।

The M2002 anti-riot vehice is a 4×4 wheeled Chinese-made armoured personnel carrier. It can accommodate a driver and 8 fully armed personnel. The vehicle has a range of more than 800 km and a maximum speed of 110 km/h. Its empty weight is 4.7 tonnes and combat weight is 5.5 tonnes.

It is equipped with hailer system, sirens, digital monitoring system, shovel and accessories.


The M2002 APC/RCV have been procured by the Bangladesh Police service and Rapid Action Battalion. They have been deployed with the FPU during UN peacekeeping missions to Africa.

Technical Specifications

Origin: China
Type: Armoured Wheeled Riot Control Vehicle
Weight: 4.7-5.5 tonnes
Length: 4.790 m
Width: 2.060 m
Height: 1.975 m
Crew: 1 + 8
Engine: Diesel delivering 87 kW at 3,600 rpm
Power/Weight: N/A
Suspension: Wheeled 4 x 4
Operational Range: 800+ km
Speed: 110 km/h
Primary Armament: 12.7 mm heavy machine gun or 7.62 mm machine gun
Secondary Armament: None
Service: Bangladesh Police, Rapid Action Battalion


What police are doing? Fire tear shell on these activists. They have no right to block any roads. Equal opportunity.

The JRC-12000W water cannon vehicle is a specially modified riot control vehicle utilising a Daewoo truck chassis.

The water cannon RCV has a capacity to hold 13,000 litres of water, foam, tear gas or painted water. The cannons maximum shooting distance is 65 metres.

Additionally it is fitted with a jet pulse system, foam/tear gas/paints mixing system, digital recording/monitoring system, self protection system, armouring, hydraulic bumper blade, rear water gun, run flat tyres and reinforced metal nets.


The Bangladesh Police procured these RCVs from Jino Motors of South Korea. They are deployed locally as well as international peacekeeping missions.

Technical Specifications

Origin: South Korea
Type: Armoured Wheeled Water Cannon
Weight: N/A
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Height: N/A
Crew: 2 + 4
Engine: N/A
Power/Weight: N/A
Suspension: Wheeled 10 x 10
Operational Range: N/A
Speed: N/A
Primary Armament: 4 x water cannon launcher systems
Secondary Armament: N/A
Service: Bangladesh Police


The Quotes: The best of Facebook with contributions from the Oxford of the East.

All vehicles and their descriptions belong to Bangladesh Police and brethren organizations.

I am afraid.

I am afraid.


The checkpost is still up.

We are fighting for the checkpost.


Carry the portable radio reciever from the props wadrobe at FDC

In case the policeman decides, in spontaneity, that he wishes to switch alligiences.

আর নকশাল।

The camps breeds two strands:

I. You are the deep state. You may or may not survive the rollbacks and coup d’ètats which audit like primary school routines. In the latter case, and if you have kept your head low enough, you die a Mosaddegh. If not, you may, depending on future fiduciary happenstance, be accorded a posthumous state funeral. The former does not exist.

II. You stay in the camp.

Art: Yasmin Jahan Nupur

Running Out of Other People’s Money

Running Out of Other People’s Money

রাজনীতি এখন পরিবর্তন হয়েছে

All the civil servants wake up before dawn: the sweepers jharoo dust bowls; the police men chew paan; the police women ask their colleagues if they happen to have change for rickshaw fare.

এখন হরতাল ডাকলে হয় না।

They precede us like nationhood precedes the citizen.

মানুষ এখন বুঝে গেছে। মানুষ উন্নয়ন চায়।

The gas hikes would be expected to ricochet off tea stalls, into dhabas and into living rooms if they could get past the check posts. But the burners are best forgotten. Though they will tolerate the kerosene: the customary burning of the tire. Proceed.

যারা হরতাল ডাকে তারাও বোঝে হরতাল হবে না।

The first time around Shahbag, correspondents mic up: traffic is lean কিন্তু স্বাভাবিক

The second time after Katabon signal, things come to a halt. They are watching. There are shuffles. Shirts are pulled. Words are said. Wooden benches staff the roundabout. No one get’s through.  Maybe later. But not now. Pedestrians are curious. The bullhorn guides the uninitiated. Motorists are bemused. Those in the backseats sympathize but are ultimately annoyed (defaced is the word the Editor’s Council recommends)

 একটি দলকে যদি ধারাবাহিক ভাবে ক্ষমতায় না রাখা যায় তাহলে উন্নয়ন হবে না।

The third time,  we come back after looping round Ruposhi Bangla. The constable looks at his watch. Load up. It’s rush hour.

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