they are singing the internationale in 3 number bipod shonkhet on a pick up streaming slush at 60km/h into Moakhali. there are two buckets of ata simmered glue which will not bring Christine Lagarde, loaded with conditions, to town and harp
যেমন দাম তেমন জিনিস for the next session on the 8th 5 year plan.

27 Intersection: the DNCC sodium batis vs the South’s LEDs cuts through the median strip of agent orange trees for the ruins as public works winding down Allah Karim.

halim, lips fading nude lipstick, nobel, owing 500 for eternity, are flicking smokes, burning tires at the break of dawn, a whole half an hour before the checkpost at Baitul Mukharam is expected to swing for our heads.

karwan bazar is on rollerblades and i am out of breath and being juggled like the guts of enemy property where the old city brickkilns have exile for eyes, so we play to the score, and the mandaps are redressed: they win, through mahishasura, through scribes, his foot throttling at our windpipes and. and, only sometimes is there is a lathi charge to tell us so.



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