From behind ananda cinema hall to the dustbowl at kazipara. past the radhuni corner store, lay a quarter of the red guards in the city. shirtless. astral. kittens sweeping the minefields at their feet.

I. features: as painless as korbani daybreak.

II. onions, pahari chillis, chanachur.
like a ghost at his back as he reduces the curry.

III. aware and living.

IV. his tits plateauing into the Rub’al Khali, leveling the dunes of his rib cage, turtle necking to a jean seberg pixie crop. taut creases arching at his belly, waxed shut. arteries shy as a kite train at shakrain.
biri axed between forefinger and middle. polyester breathing mirpur 1 onto buzzcut hips. no one asks him why he crosses his legs at the knee and not the ankle, at the duchess slant, as the Naikhongchari 11, BGB Command protocol reccomends.


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