Hon. Meher Afroz Chumki,


I cannot appeal to your children.

The mind does, after all, afford compartments:

The hospitality lounge at Hazrat Shahjalal

if you pay American Express: the Madonna of credit;

the backhand pet,

the kiss flaying the ghumta for yours:

the sister; the mother; the daughter;

During the voice vote.

You do think of them.

During Mr. Imam’s protestations.

You do remember them.

But in the private house,

not just the shanty playing  L’Enfant terrible,

she is subject to eminent domain:

যেখানে ‘আমাদের দেশের মানুষ বাল্যবিবাহের কুফল সম্পর্কে জানেন’

যেখানে পুরুষ মাগি গালি দিয়ে বাসায় ফিরতে পারেন

উনি জানেন ‘কিন্তু মানেন না।’


We must endure.

The Mollah Paribar

whose daughter goes into labor

in the middle of her SSC exams;

can we assign her to desserts,

the salish where flesh is judiciary?

No, you don’t have to.

One does not flinch at corpses after the war.

১৪ ফাল্গুন, ১৪২৩

Photograph: CJ Clarke/Save the Children-

The girl in the photo is May Yoi Ching Marma







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