Dispatcher scrambles slum,

Suburb reports dress code violation,

Scanner like a tambourine breaking up the beat,

9mm kisses holster,

Trigger moonlights law and order,

Cruiser on the prowl,

Skid marks engrave lanes,

Skull to pavement, flexicuffs,

Writhe on bonnet, pepper spray,

Water cannon numbs quotas

Barbed barricades, salve courtesy of brass,

Cartridges smear blush,

Chucked over the shields,


Fast track non-lethal,

Ammunition, the social contract,

Avant guard,  the new slogans with bullet holes,

White noise to reruns of Mati o Manush

Crossfires hold conferences,

Fourth Column drools

Front-Feature, a balanced piece

Quoting press secretary

Pall-bearers mute sirens.

Photograph: AP



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