Filibuster of secretary,
lap dog,
out of order elevator;

your blinds,
demarcations of
literacy drive,
Honor roll
Prenup at the registrar’s;
Elbow grease for every roommate burnt out on Ritalin

Tagore saved you from millennials,
So your children are nightclubs in suicide nests;
Family funds fuel bombers during the national parade;
Plaques are “Employee of the Month” when hot-mics infiltrate fire exits.
You enjoy funding documentaries about the next slumlord transitioning to app-designer,

The office is IKEA with an Espresso machine.
Her takeout stops appetizing.
We are to increase efficiency.
Discover the internet of things.
Reduce costs.
No handouts
How are we?
Take care.
And this how it was when we were up,

Mannequins weren’t guillotined,
Husbands sanctioned choke holds,
Reserve Armies expired on the shelves of motherhood,

Photograph: Lucy Rugirello/ Los Angeles Maritime Museum


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