For who,
crowdfunders are sourcing rape
Through borders
To satiate the insatiated,

Sourcing them, penny-less from the 14th,
where foundation patina from 40s government buildings reek to reveal culture.

culture, where rapist as thirst and whore as assassination are equal reckless abandon,
culture, where tradition and science are sync, in brutalizing polls, flow charts and
Pies stating in cold, or cold as mined warm, data, where, when, the who never in question, situationally, rape has and must occur. Occur as passive ultra-natural boomerangs to wardrobes to history’s excluded suffrage.
Where all your sons are the darwan’s sons,
The dalit’s sons,
The tea worker’s sons,
The beggar’s son watching brioche buns dive in and out of LEDs.

Your comments section, your indents proclaiming sovereignty for the male breadwinner, are empty shells, for
Whores in detention, upending the dais, the desktops reading commandments, scratching the chalkboards:

No rapists. Only cultures.
No rapists. Only cultures.

Photograph: Hengameh Golestan


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