Qandil Mounts.

Priyo kochu shag,
Where would you be, but hearthed in the sahib’s tandoor
Stick lapping chin,
Expression of Interest fluttering manger,

Puffing alluvials from the surface, from the teeth of Alliance Fraincaise’s pleas for “we have to charge 500 for entry,

karon khet mujur der dite hobe”

Chunarughat er special economic zone hok kintu okhane hok, okhane, okhane, away from life, as we have known, away from the sheaths of our sickles, and where our thumbs don’t ring with dreams of dreams of malnutrition,


Ultras peak– Badsha rajshashi theke workers party niye esheche, kintu na,
Uni dhaka, sathkira, protek bhumi rakkha commitir uppojati ahobayok hoye eshechen,
“duniar mojdur ek howe, ek howe, na” hasan bhai bolen, oi hasan jini marx er chetona ek jon 19 bochori ke bujhate chesta korchilen, kal rate, oi eki raate onar walton motorcycle jongole lukhio porlo, never to be seen again; ekhon marx ney, akhon shudi illiteracy.
monajat dhori amra, baddho hoi.


Is there rope?

That is our position on voting against the boat.

Amader lash er upor diye.

How would one then go about convincing oneself that it is somehow possible that ek shondhar pangla-ghontay biplob ghoshona hobe?


Photograph: Jani na


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