I. putain–

’68, Demo Nat Convention

We, here, hear, with voice vote, trumpet
To replicate natural eco-systems,
Whereby cordage is bound to toddlers,
Textbook dibosh,
Field trips to a dozen-1 mark-comm execs coordinating the unbolting of bottle-caps,
Simplifying as complicated, Ford’s strongholds in Detroit,
And thus,
And so, follows,
Autonomen, setting up,

II. salope–


Send Ray-Gun Home on a Cruise

Nollendorfplatz, you are walking along butter-knife arêtes,

Haig you are the import,

the Import of,

mud and dirt and spit and gush of Junction City, caroling heresies of changjin reservoir

at your 1st Infantry Division, at your X-Corps, at your godful MacArthur,

and your picnic baskets carrying chirping meat cleavers to suharto’s undesired laundry to pashtun scions’ versions of basic democracy,

and you, thanksgiving to hearth, to sons and daughter, to patricia, who donated monthly to pink-washed Iroquois settlements,


your pentagon conferences name asphyxiates as tourists

Bra-less, we are

Abayas, we are


৩. স্ত্রীকুকুর

  • Azad Kashmir Balochistan,
  • Azad BalochistanKashmir,
  • Azad Nagaland, Parbatya Chattagram,
  • Azad, Parbaya Chattagram, Assam






–an alloy of disjointed curmudgeon-slugged people who care about other people, because they care about themselves.

pancreatic emulsion,

The Surgeon General’s white paper on fetal procedure


Photograph: the Anti-Fas?

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