Pastiche, like all the others


-that said, they, not her,

not it, not foil archs,

makin’ bubble wrap,

memoir qwerty,

duel-speech balloon-duel

foil, not it, they, anti-thesise,

row, row, row, syntax,

Purr, as verb,


cell, vichy, cell, vichy, cell,

encrypt notre-dame

à cult de la raison ,

Today’s screening, overhead:



Action T4–

whether real or imagined,

Der Gefangene! Gefangence!

Wenn es einen Gott gibt muß er mich um Verzeihung bitten.



Muselmann, Inquilab,

scrap the Long Kesh off,

my, Soft Grip Wall Paper Stripper




on their 2am circumnavigations,

cumulative spunk, splat, plop,



babe, it’s

cold outside,

a roofie, for your thoughts

Those Incorrigibles, Those.

bur lesque quick feet, step-over,

lacan, won’t you please stand by the partisans,

Maquis: Mairéad

Amar khat ta dehi nore, ma, nipur,
6.7, and feints, and feints,
Recess our shovels,
Hydroelectric surjo sen er bangla never so fine,
Shake and hips, and hips,

And step, and ease,
Isshor, popover, kilos,
Collaborators, interchangeably
poristitir shikar


Le Meridian. Read about in Harper’s Bazaar.
–late edition, extra, extra. East Pakistani boiled egg, and seven, and eight,

Cymbal crash,
Picket Line,
strike enunciate,
Alamgir, get off your quota,

Have you lost your daughter to Revere’s merrill gel smudging found fathers?

Nuremberg, Nuremberg,
Who will precede your anchor chops,
Nuremberg, Nuremberg,
Tribunal-thwart house of saud,
Paltan, purana Paltan,
Tomar tak e dekhi phensedyl,
haat e dekhi ashbari,
chetonay shuni Pathankhot,
Shib Naryan er jhulanto srom,

Tui, razakar, Tui, razakar,
Ar stadium er bayonet jukti,
gola kata tangail er Sher er slan er jukti,
Is the one my mother woke up to:-

Done. Salaudin. Done. Mujaheed,
Done cartographer,



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