A gold-mine-hamlet also-ran the gurney.

Bangla bashay shob cheye beshi utcharon kora shobdo,
Amar baba onar jibone kokhonoi ghush khan ni.

kala-ayn, Armed Forces Special Powers Act:-
Tito was appalled, where are the Muktijoddhas, he said,
What happened to the elite civil service,
i been kept fed my Kosovo hailstorm villagers,
A-posteriori, value added tax,
What have i done,

You WTo, the wrong Batista,
You chose the wrong dirty war,
Not to worry,
Years, from now,
When your kids wine and cheese about the black mafia mob, the 8th of march, and pan-traditionalism, or why the Irish have longer bathrooms,
Miss yellen, will print new mint, to bathe our hearts, like uncircumcised changelings,

You have lost your mind,
You do see proto-cheerleaders, pom-poming their cousins as they thump a thousand year old ball down whose streets?
No streets, tear up the concrete.
Comilla, Comilla, fuck, agartala, india!
Shahadat! shahadat! Luckir jonno kalo raat,
Rubel! rubel! Arek bhalo mal, er jail,
Smack that, Smack that, read the tele, know the 31st, is reserved for kafirs,

sand bags, glutting my front porch,
sand bags, gutting my paddy paddies
sand bags, keeping from the polling booths,
sand bags, angering my Saturday morning lunches.
sand bags, funding my under-nutrition,
sand bags, inculcating my understanding,
sand bags, forever, never, never,
sand bags, Burkinabé tunic, wrap it, force feed, hunger,
give me tractors.

And Yesterday, must be like everyday,
Upper Volta, Upper Volta, Upright
Upper Volta, Upper Volta, Upright,
Khilgaon Maat RAB diye bhora.

Standard Oil flooding my living room?/Standard Oil flooding my representing station?


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