airborne, centrifugal–the missionaries are coming; the missionaries are here

airborne, centrifugal–the missionaries are coming; the missionaries are here

Qandil Mounts.

Priyo kochu shag,
Where would you be, but hearthed in the sahib’s tandoor
Stick lapping chin,
Expression of Interest fluttering manger,

Puffing alluvials from the surface, from the teeth of Alliance Fraincaise’s pleas for “we have to charge 500 for entry,

karon khet mujur der dite hobe”

Chunarughat er special economic zone hok kintu okhane hok, okhane, okhane, away from life, as we have known, away from the sheaths of our sickles, and where our thumbs don’t ring with dreams of dreams of malnutrition,


Ultras peak– Badsha rajshashi theke workers party niye esheche, kintu na,
Uni dhaka, sathkira, protek bhumi rakkha commitir uppojati ahobayok hoye eshechen,
“duniar mojdur ek howe, ek howe, na” hasan bhai bolen, oi hasan jini marx er chetona ek jon 19 bochori ke bujhate chesta korchilen, kal rate, oi eki raate onar walton motorcycle jongole lukhio porlo, never to be seen again; ekhon marx ney, akhon shudi illiteracy.
monajat dhori amra, baddho hoi.


Is there rope?

That is our position on voting against the boat.

Amader lash er upor diye.

How would one then go about convincing oneself that it is somehow possible that ek shondhar pangla-ghontay biplob ghoshona hobe?


Photograph: Jani na


Counterfeit Cash Crops– gendarmes

Counterfeit Cash Crops– gendarmes


For those who want to talk a lot about World War II, if it’s about occupation, then we could also talk about Muslim prayers in the streets, because that is occupation of territory. It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of districts in which religious laws apply. It’s an occupation. There are of course no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is nevertheless a…

Political Economy of

Carolina Gold

Nay Klondike, or yukon where london drank himself and lies interred in stampedes of would-be-Newmont Mining Corporations, on top of stampedes of Hän, who don’t speak, but dialect first nations

How would but the plantations run to dyke marshes but from Coastal Negroes, envying chinese contracted to the Central Pacific Railroad, filled with kafala soup kitchens overseen by Clarissa Dalloway commandant augurs and the staff, who were entirely composed of prognosticating sponsorship proposals;  At least, they hadn’t met Roosevelt inviting japanese comfort women into semipermeable cells of polio. osmosis. where he bathed them. Osmosis. Where Eleanor held up the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. as he did to germans, italians, as his citizens had ordained yellow-star-triangle bathrooms, purple-star-triangle bathrooms, red-star-triangle bathrooms. in jesse owen’s heart circa berlin. he had for the first time in his life, felt safe in the bleachers of the olympiastadion, shaking the fuhrer’s hand, and what of the venetians, without whom there would be no gold, no

Cajun Rodeo Libation

A classic southern city, where race riots where vintage riots, where Malcolm X had been christened Martin Luther, by the alabama state judiciary,

and george wallace was all ready to reach into his stable of organic thoroughbreds

so they may fetch, rung and devour free range drumsticks for the southern proletarian

p.s. রাজধানীতে ইয়াবা ট্যাবলেটসহ গ্রেফতার ০১

beyond: unbreachables

beyond: unbreachables

and. so. i wrote this in

Mitzvah- regarding eight documents from the red corridor

“land to tiller, hope to pilfer,

Your struggle for busts,” Green Hunt

Cantos the Party’s Subpoena into portable iterations for masses, so that they, and we, only in relation to they, might in their amusement arks, built on bubble fiat;
international simulacra spanning slutty as air hostess, traversing in hebetude, the penchants of prostitutes to promiscuity.
Blazoned by our ideologues, they shall surrender, without demonstration, their vaginas, their penises, their penises, their vaginas, their neutered xx. xy. XXYY.XYY.XXX.48, XXXX.49, XXXXX. their audited chromosomes for lysenko, as he wheels their cots into nourishing stoves, pouring them, and this. to mention that we are also in the tub with them, our, their soggy batter molded into insurrectionary great leaps forward

Of charu’s politburo posing under green screen intravenous with the tiger reserve, where she had already succumbed to the prey-of-the-day, to the

bauxite, the ore in the collapsing mines breaking into choirs crooning hey ya, hand me some manganese, some nickel, some Bhattacharjee mouthfucking tribal uncivies; Nandigram intoning Hey Jude to the cover of Ma Mati Manush, and the Neo-Jiangxi Soviet crumbled under in it’s own beat.

P.S. Annie Lebovitz was no were to be seen. and So. the electorate complained about not being able to own land in Srinagar.

the Renault picket groove in iambic pentameter. not really. why would i?


the worker’s were agitating in ways which affronted public decency.

and so our correspondent Leyla Zana filed these couplets channeling interviewees under Article 301 of the penal code:


our pensions bleed for the turkish soil
these unpatriots, in hell, may they boil


indeed, stainless hard work will make joy
for country, for capital won’t remain coy

Standard & Poor’s:

Cotillard, won’t you, oh won’t you, break my picket groove?

Suchagro Medini

watching your efficiency in training, I can only say that you’re truly a force built with the spirit of the War of Liberation,

And this will speak to the love in our hearts, the love, which jostles plate tectonics as if she were fingering herself, her population, her son, her head of IT, her sister, the Berliner, her Russel, her Russel, her Russel, who if his grey matter were not corrosion to major javelins, were he not subterranean indemnities, were he not her mother’s son, were she not a call girl for festoons, like her husband, my father, for the men without tongues to parrot shuvo. shuvo. shuvo. dins, for my Fazila-tunnesa, mother who was so slow to fellatiate father’s lithosphere, so he could not hand the ringer to Jamil, his Shafat Jamil, his Shafiullah, his Osmani, his unamed General who was aware but was not aware, who was elegied but was not elegied, was efegied, but not efigied, and my father’s sons, Huda, and Noor, and Dalim, and Farooq, and Rashid who were in the lavatory, on the roof, the patio, the lake, upstairs to the answering machine, where my father hung up and তাকে রক্ষা কর. and Russel, their brother–the national whipping boy, the 21, the 26, the 16 huddle, point, screenplay that we heard from our verandas:

Her Russell,

Her Russel.

                                            Her Russel.


intra arterial Kuomintang in communists

intra arterial Kuomintang in communists

Ambassador Moriarty stressed that the USG had started human rights training for RAB. He added that the RAB was the enforcement organization best positioned to one day become a Bangladeshi version of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

nom de guerre– 8888

garrote atrabilious,

low-spirited deck guzzle Epifanio

de los Santos Avenue

“But history’s final accounting has yet to be completed.”

Kaka tries to get Didi alone,

Apnara ghure ashen, ami ar didi ranna kori,

ofcourse, Bidhan couldn’t leave,

he was taking on responsibility,

this courtship was more babysitting than honeymoon,

so, we stayed.

listened to dialects speak Maitongsori,

and how i had called it shamuk my entire life,

but couldn’t tell that cows had been interned,

yet, claimed shamuk for myself,

because i cannot memorise dialects

Tlatelolco –A Counter-Memory

suko na! talo kana! marcos, Aquino, CPP-NPA-NDF, Arroyo layas na

Ersatz, Chakma mal, ase, ehane, kintu,

he said,

to the racially neutral boat passengers,

as if they didn’t know,

but they didn’t know,

and the roofs of their mouths, hung dysphoric,

at the renaissance hill carvings,

shitted him-selves for not collaring the GondolaMan

and shoving A mujib or two into his brassiere;

so, the pirateers continued to tickle his nose,

and he continued to awwww, runny-eggs,

They don’t look like a heavy lot, said the Bangalees,

let ’em pass.

Zhao Ziyang 


National School Bus Glossy Yellow doesn’t stop at the Lower West Side,

You know full well,

thammasat and athens are grifters

dolling out ISBNs at black market rates,

Those bodega’s are now, 711s,

Would it be too much for you to jackhammer your gossamer theresabout, isabella?

and your pro forma erotica, juan, check the delicatessen around the block.

All my sons are autodictacts *Sigh*

the daugters autodictacts la puta 



I wish I could hold to my neck and embrace the little arms, and bear kisses on the tender lips. Go on, doll, and trust your joys to the winds; believe me, light is the nature of men

where art thou, locomotive catamite.

anodyne only works when the object is unexceptionable.

tis’ all bourgeois decadence, after all.

Photograph: Narendra Shrestha

atrium: ze anthropocene

atrium: ze anthropocene
petrochemicals propel
black Daesh/white Daesh/
purple Free Syrian Daesh,
knightsbridge's high-octane milkshakes
cruise to drive-in theaters of Sca-lextric Emirati Fillipino Mcdonalds' happy meal get2get1free Yaas Marina auto-domes.
your Ankle monitor stinks truffle oiled calamari, 
your caviar selfies
urgent plumes of 
manchester, Paris, Monaco to descend underneath Harrods,

a 37-minute firework show shall inaugurate cannonades of difference, strafings of difference, blitzkriegs of liberation, 
look out, Gerry Adams in a ski-mask
vacate to sanatorium,
dip your toes in the infirmaries' window extra virgin dressing,
you could say chanel,
you could also say burberry,
or hermès, or prada,
you might say the Qatar Investment Authority,
you might say 2022's sandstorm illustrations hauling trucks pushpulling skeletal chassis,
divesting Nepali, 
hurling maoists at salafist hari karis--

I want to know,
tell me,
tell me, that, 
our sweatshops are better than their sweatshops
Photograph: Dougie Wallace




I. putain–

’68, Demo Nat Convention

We, here, hear, with voice vote, trumpet
To replicate natural eco-systems,
Whereby cordage is bound to toddlers,
Textbook dibosh,
Field trips to a dozen-1 mark-comm execs coordinating the unbolting of bottle-caps,
Simplifying as complicated, Ford’s strongholds in Detroit,
And thus,
And so, follows,
Autonomen, setting up,

II. salope–


Send Ray-Gun Home on a Cruise

Nollendorfplatz, you are walking along butter-knife arêtes,

Haig you are the import,

the Import of,

mud and dirt and spit and gush of Junction City, caroling heresies of changjin reservoir

at your 1st Infantry Division, at your X-Corps, at your godful MacArthur,

and your picnic baskets carrying chirping meat cleavers to suharto’s undesired laundry to pashtun scions’ versions of basic democracy,

and you, thanksgiving to hearth, to sons and daughter, to patricia, who donated monthly to pink-washed Iroquois settlements,


your pentagon conferences name asphyxiates as tourists

Bra-less, we are

Abayas, we are


৩. স্ত্রীকুকুর

  • Azad Kashmir Balochistan,
  • Azad BalochistanKashmir,
  • Azad Nagaland, Parbatya Chattagram,
  • Azad, Parbaya Chattagram, Assam






–an alloy of disjointed curmudgeon-slugged people who care about other people, because they care about themselves.

pancreatic emulsion,

The Surgeon General’s white paper on fetal procedure


Photograph: the Anti-Fas?

কবলিত! কবলিত! Sonderkommando

কবলিত! কবলিত! Sonderkommando

Pastiche, like all the others


-that said, they, not her,

not it, not foil archs,

makin’ bubble wrap,

memoir qwerty,

duel-speech balloon-duel

foil, not it, they, anti-thesise,

row, row, row, syntax,

Purr, as verb,


cell, vichy, cell, vichy, cell,

encrypt notre-dame

à cult de la raison ,

Today’s screening, overhead:



Action T4–

whether real or imagined,

Der Gefangene! Gefangence!

Wenn es einen Gott gibt muß er mich um Verzeihung bitten.



Muselmann, Inquilab,

scrap the Long Kesh off,

my, Soft Grip Wall Paper Stripper




on their 2am circumnavigations,

cumulative spunk, splat, plop,



babe, it’s

cold outside,

a roofie, for your thoughts

Those Incorrigibles, Those.

bur lesque quick feet, step-over,

lacan, won’t you please stand by the partisans,

Maquis: Mairéad

Amar khat ta dehi nore, ma, nipur,
6.7, and feints, and feints,
Recess our shovels,
Hydroelectric surjo sen er bangla never so fine,
Shake and hips, and hips,

And step, and ease,
Isshor, popover, kilos,
Collaborators, interchangeably
poristitir shikar


Le Meridian. Read about in Harper’s Bazaar.
–late edition, extra, extra. East Pakistani boiled egg, and seven, and eight,

Cymbal crash,
Picket Line,
strike enunciate,
Alamgir, get off your quota,

Have you lost your daughter to Revere’s merrill gel smudging found fathers?

Nuremberg, Nuremberg,
Who will precede your anchor chops,
Nuremberg, Nuremberg,
Tribunal-thwart house of saud,
Paltan, purana Paltan,
Tomar tak e dekhi phensedyl,
haat e dekhi ashbari,
chetonay shuni Pathankhot,
Shib Naryan er jhulanto srom,

Tui, razakar, Tui, razakar,
Ar stadium er bayonet jukti,
gola kata tangail er Sher er slan er jukti,
Is the one my mother woke up to:-

Done. Salaudin. Done. Mujaheed,
Done cartographer,


Mirpur ও Magura.

Mirpur ও Magura.

A gold-mine-hamlet also-ran the gurney.

Bangla bashay shob cheye beshi utcharon kora shobdo,
Amar baba onar jibone kokhonoi ghush khan ni.

kala-ayn, Armed Forces Special Powers Act:-
Tito was appalled, where are the Muktijoddhas, he said,
What happened to the elite civil service,
i been kept fed my Kosovo hailstorm villagers,
A-posteriori, value added tax,
What have i done,

You WTo, the wrong Batista,
You chose the wrong dirty war,
Not to worry,
Years, from now,
When your kids wine and cheese about the black mafia mob, the 8th of march, and pan-traditionalism, or why the Irish have longer bathrooms,
Miss yellen, will print new mint, to bathe our hearts, like uncircumcised changelings,

You have lost your mind,
You do see proto-cheerleaders, pom-poming their cousins as they thump a thousand year old ball down whose streets?
No streets, tear up the concrete.
Comilla, Comilla, fuck, agartala, india!
Shahadat! shahadat! Luckir jonno kalo raat,
Rubel! rubel! Arek bhalo mal, er jail,
Smack that, Smack that, read the tele, know the 31st, is reserved for kafirs,

sand bags, glutting my front porch,
sand bags, gutting my paddy paddies
sand bags, keeping from the polling booths,
sand bags, angering my Saturday morning lunches.
sand bags, funding my under-nutrition,
sand bags, inculcating my understanding,
sand bags, forever, never, never,
sand bags, Burkinabé tunic, wrap it, force feed, hunger,
give me tractors.

And Yesterday, must be like everyday,
Upper Volta, Upper Volta, Upright
Upper Volta, Upper Volta, Upright,
Khilgaon Maat RAB diye bhora.

Standard Oil flooding my living room?/Standard Oil flooding my representing station?