Rose butt–Any cigarette or anything of it’s family.

Silkworms spin mountain peaks

As they wear, during dog days,


Piston fillip,

armpits–dead sea.


But why? Must i talk about the heat that pins itself onto bulletin boards boards, sweltering parlance scrolling past DSE tickers,

about the anchor’s ocean-bed, scrambling the brains of submersibles everywhere,

Sat bonereased with tv-dinner-trays–clicking punchcut white noise, rainbow signals–themselves dressed, baptized fried chickens–born agains with GMO stickers.

ballot initiatives on a 1..and-a..2..and-a..1..2..3..4..Priyo DorshokBondhu we are investigating our yaba popping cabals, GAZI TV is in no associated with these proceedings–237-5 as the reserve sweep banglawashes us into the junkies of Walton Bikes countrywide–Please do not menstruate on the couch, and if you must, at least look like a doll ;)–I see diamond mines, you see me–Stars are regional hegemony, but the items are a cocktease–exhaust your nationalism, AT ATTENTION FOR THE ANTHEM, please.

Photograph:- Camilo José Vergara



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