“We’ll have to take revenge on these people, each and every one, yes”

Is that wise? now

“Oh yes! blood for blood, violence is the creed, we have won this because of violence–no constitutional movement; violence is the only answer.”

Shall we?

Yes, and while I do not claim to speak for the entire peoples presented in your episteme, which, one must admit very succinctly gets the point across, I must extrapolate, as my teachers always taught me to be grateful for the blood spilled in my name:

And how would one go about to lecture the oppressed to not see their oppressors through the barrel of a gun,

Because the barrel never ends?

i like my tombs shallow,
they speak to my children;


are their Santa Claus,
they speak,
my children,

they play like jack-in-the-box, hostage negotiators,

My tanks cannot help Kashmir,
so, we build our own neck-of-the-woods,
all our Censor Boards will now be written in fuck.

Dear Rangamati,
my son hates me,
he hates those who don’t hate me,
he wants to Phelps the Karnaphuli,
I will arrange for the cheers,
in the penthouse.

Have you seen mybicycle?
the subtitles, sure,
But our Pharaohs are all dead, sir.

Aren’t people pissed off?
And you are telling me his funeral is going to be well attended,
Well, Yeah,
Fucking Great, well, he might as well have a 21 gun, if he’s going to go all public-execution on me,
Duly noted,
Yeah, it better be, dig up the graves, dress em in a few of my coats,
Nehru sir…
NEHRU, banchod
yes, sir,
…and yeah, glasses, pipe, you know the drill,
we need those guys who talked to the Associated Press,

and history, we need history.


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