Crush glass after use,
Frozen drinks,
Italian burger,

I m sitting,
Waiting for my basket of chicken.

Booth, top right–

Suit jacket casually,
Can’t go to the washroom–bathroom if i am being homely, thudding on the ‘a’

Lean, green T
Long time, no see, the missus and the kid(s) have drilled into my fraternity

Aloof, third wheel,
Maybe monogamy isn’t that bad, not that i would like to find out.

Booth, bottom right,

Infant, ampersand?

Mother, like mandarins, malta was the word, but my thumbs shiver at pointing bi-lingual dis-ingenuity. And why is it, that she be mother first, wife second, caretaker 3rd…

…maybe not the last one,
There are certain metonyms, yeah that’s what they are called, i think
Like streets of paris–meaning i don’t know, anything from high-couture to toaplaceyouhaveneverexperiecednostalgic for.
Um, and san-francisco, which is liberal or experimental, very artsy, not like paris though, no,
But, what really stands out is africa, on the rare occasion, i can identify a specific locale, it is more likely a reference to something primalordeal, like the sahara, or grasslands, or if you are really feeling adventurous even lions, or gazelles, or god forgive you, cheetahs.
No haight-ashbury, no left bank, only victoria falls, and the pyramids…
Which brings me to you,

work for motherwife, you play with infant seated opposite to her. She laughs. Infant gesticulates, you laugh too. I can’t identify you though, your damp-looking bland dress is one i cannot differentiate from the ones that i have seen in, i was going to say under rubble of factory collapses, but that would just be a lie, because i have seen those only on tv or on drivebys, i am told, so instead i will say, various invitations to the self-identifying middle class, which doesn’t really mean anything, and is amorphous as smoke, thus the prefix, because, i am told, again, that engineers earn way too much for, houses, which have perhaps taught me, through my disgust of them, the overuse of parenthesis.
You stood there under the kitchen door frame,
It’s not that the clothes you all wear are the same color or something, it’s just that i honestly cannot tell you apart, you all look the same to me,
not heterogeneous organisms to respond to stimuli, but, swallow them on all fours.

The caretaker, the child bride, dowry with a bobby pin, assimilator, party cannon, union card-holder, depoliticized hack, one time muse, art gallery centerfold, post-structural thesis,

you change her diapers,

I fall,
And The earth, tilts on its axis
A little,
Every Time you learn how to nod in deference say–no, thank you,

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