I. Kyoto

Paladin Clinton promises not to jerk off,
while the geographical inheritors of Fanon’s dream, stage a sit-in,
to delay capitulation to a binding nofap policy,
“But, you have raped the world, & now it our turn! We will avenge Bretton Woods, except he will now be tarzan, with a penchant for Oriental Memes”
Yet, the elephant is the room itself,
because the agreement is
–signed in cum–yes, the same, as on her dress.

II. Detente

Now, the vulgarity is slowly shed,
ofcourse, they are fully-fleshed adults,
“No, more shall we scar our mothers for life, as they open our doors uninvited”
this is where the analogy starts to break down,
(bcoz semen claims to be bottomless,
while fossilized dinosaurs are not, as such, reproduced to be reborn into greenhouse gases, at auturky)
Where were we,
Cognitive dissonance.

III. State of Emergency

Jack Ma,
the guy pops up incognito,
Says, that nobody goes to Starbucks for the coffee,
they go for the lifestyle,
vis-a-vis why Air France sponsors climate change commissions, when international aviation pokes holes in the ozone faster then a mil., yes you asshole(s), munching down the Champs Elysees?

IV. But, the immigrants,

Non-topic, Subjects are asexual.

V. Broken Windows

galvanize YouTube commentators calling for riot police to unionize

Art:-Bill Posters

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