Lol, u r nt worth it,
Rather listen to Catalan girls strumming Kurt Cobain.

F**k it,
Let’s get loaded and have a good time.

Theses are turnstile, yellow:
Draft dodgers watching Woodstock in celluloid.

Union busting:
Weekends are 8+n hours for stressed jeans,
Middle and index are Coco.
Chanel on coke.
Maternities period vaginas for tailors,
If only the incubator knew,
Two shits
About the million wouldbe comforters earthed in sepulchers barred from grocery shopping.

Cannot write haikus.
Linguistics evolve but, A-Z is never okie under the aegis of old poetmen, unless you are Chuck Norris.

The streets are where it is,
You write with
Chin on pillow,
Knees folded,
Toes predatory,
The streets are always where it is.
Where it will be, though,

NYT might be 60-40 advertisement,
And Johnson & Johnson might pull cheques when someone inks that fair is not the lore,

Yemen was not the site of a mass carbon creation from carcass.
From death being suppressed through the Jurassic to fuel instantaneously
A cities’ blow dryers on call,

To break up labour disputes.

Day 10: NaPoWriMo

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