Tor Bhalobasha: Chaku

*Miss. Mohsin do not read on, not that I want to give you the impression that you can.

Justify: these thoughts are not disjointed.

Chol-I am not a statistic

-Bol-my forearms are Lamya Parker’s legs,

Jai- When you grasp them, they explode

-Shona-like Talha’s cum-popping-load attributing death camps.

Shahbag- Think me a history major, but sleep with me.

-Shuntesi- pulse my thighs, they are Kardashian tenderloins.

Stop. I cannot breath when you fuck me from behind.

SorryIs that the only way?
Babyno, but the others are all on MDMA.

Baethanot one of your French girls
Paisos?will not be pimped.


You-patience never came gently,
Are-these days, those days of chasing people who would have hated you for your money, seem
Just-funny, but you know you never sold drugs to any kids, so you can bed without conscience
Growing-you were not in Abu gharib; they came, till midnight,every time you stuck two fingers down your throat, to vomit release.
Up-mother and father did not speak; that’s how you learnt:

That, I wanted you, but,
You would have hated me for my money,
You would have hated me for my money,
You would have hated me for my money.

NaPoWriMo: Day 8

Photograph: Shuvroo Neel

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