• S.S

I settled in my chair,
rocked by songs
from the breathing
of your nostrils.

এক কনায়, চেয়ারে বসে বসে
তোমার  লাল  লালা
ছুঁসেছি ।

But you got up,
and walked away
like many

  • S.S.S


You will leave.

As the politicians will break
us into a thousand pieces.
You will leave.

As my four walls will be echo chambers of
our conversations,
you will leave.

As the film reels
Of our adventures
play over and over
in-front of my eyes,
You will leave.


  • M.M.


hail liberal Women,
and exchange polysyllables,
in return for the choice to go back to sleep;
so, we can go to back to Chobir Haat and greet each other with condolences about the latest disasters,
while, factories are burnt, temples are looted,
And poems about progressive causes are recited;
while women cannot pay the rent
with money collected from sex,

Moaning, I am better than you.

  • S.T.A.

…The thing about
Not wearing a hijab,
Is that when you stop ,
And don’t even have to try to win,
It becomes a habit.

You start baring unsolicited skin.
When you stop,
And he caresses your tummy…

  • R.I.N.

…আর আমি মাননিয় স্পিকারের
বিরুদ্ধে মামলা করবো ,
তোমার হৃদয় যেনো উনি পাস করেন ।

  • A.L.

…And you, you will always be there.
And I will always be your gun:
The one,
That never pulls the trigger.

Early day 6: NaPoWriMo


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