…Chit kar checha mechi,
Chit kar checha mechi,
Chit kar checha mechi,

Chit kar, chit kar

The editor,

Is happy because I have stolen her balls and sold them to the merchants in Tehran,
Who have weaved them into Niqabs,
DHLed them to the blacksmith,
Who hammered them into insignias for the Quds Revolutionary Guard,
Who were denied invasion of the Arabs
Saying STOP! at Karbala.
So the Quds sat there and wept to their babes,
Who decided to stay invisible,
Though they were Scheduled-
Ships to the Upomohadesh.

Keo khabe to keo khabe na,
Keo khabe to keo khabe na.
Keo Jane to, Jane na.
Ta hobe to, tai hobe to.

‘Amrao to khudarto,
Amader maren na keno?’

Je ne suis pas Rana plaza,
Je ne suis pas,
Je ne suis pas Puran raja,
Je ne suis pas
Je ne suis pas Tazreen thana;
Je ne suis pas

Je ne suis pas

Je ne suis pas
je ne suis pas.
Je ne suis pas.

If you are reading this: I am needy, adore.

I know Apa shallowly,
but not too deeply.

Driver ta ke Maren na!
Also, Abeger kotha bolechen, akhon bibeker ta bolen.

Djubok, tumi amar,

Permutations of monolith-funded Moonwatchers cannot play thrash metal,
I say this even as,
I will retain your un-teeth expressions of fight club into consideration for my novel about:

In the duration of which we shall make French love,
And pose for photographs taken by an Edie Sedgwick lookalike,
Winged by a parrot,
Shouldering a shaggy haired pop-artist,
Who you will gun down as he did not,
Even as he had agreed to,
publish your manifesto on how
EDM is the animal of the year.

But that’s all nation building.

For now:

Driver ta ke Maren na keno?
Chabagan er manushi to.


Big thank you to Azyz Amami.

NaPoWriMo-Day 4


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