Houdini হতে ছেয়ে ছিলাম, তোমার।

দেখ না, দেখ না!

দেখ না! দেখ না!

মাল টা তো ভালো,
মাল টা তো ভালো,
মাল টা তো ভালো,

দেখ না! দেখ না!

“গোলাম  করে রেখেছে আমাদের, ওরা, ভাইয়েরা!”

Lookin’ up my bitch,
Lookin’ up my bitch,
Lookin’ up my bitch,

দেখ না! দেখ না!

Drivin’ in ma’ hoe,
drivin’ in ma’ hoe,
Drivin’ in ma’ hoe

দেখ না! দেখ না!

*drop your jeans, flirt your top*

Because I cannot stroll two yards before eyes peel me raw,
The same why? There are metro tickets on Simone’s grave at Montparnasse,
The same as it was in 68’ when Paris was @tumblr.com
The same as it was, because you can call wildcats from your armchair,
Because no one shames the actor who plays Batman, because he cannot actually fly.

Not different, because the Swedes shot BlackPowerMixTapes,
Because they had free schooling,
Again as FDR had polio, because Zangara was Napolean in height,
Because he was a poor Italian, who did not sleep with Joan Baez, so remained a poor Italian.

Meinhoff can walk topless while training with Black September in Jordanian camps,
Ulrike can also be a journalist and a terroristisnotabadwordbydefault.
Baader is a wifebeater,
Yet Baader loves Gudrun.
Stammheim Prison only existed because we forget to post during NaPoWriMo.

Yes, I do have a crush on Leila

She held the pilotwhodidflyoverthealps at gunpoint,
To detour over Haifa.
Yes, I would not have liked it if I was on that plane.
But, then, the PFLP would’ve provided cyanide to the middle classes.

  • Five-TWA Flight 741
  • Five-Swissair Flight 100
  • Five-El Al Flight 219
  • Five-Pan Am Flight 93
  • Five-BOAC Flight 775

Argüello bled scotch,
Khaled reached into her bra,
The passengers nosedived:
“মাল টা তো ভালো”

দেখ না,

in the inner cities,
in the penny-arcades,
in the roaring twenties,
in the flinching maids,
in the bees kneez,
in the humanitarian aids,
in the kiss me please,
in the thong down, cunnilingus, orgy, funkadelic,
Dawn raids,
In the don’t distribute your stickers and the we don’t follow your private sector, sponsored by redheads, parking Metaws.

Only when Munich was Spitz’s Jewish 80’s mustachio,
And Mossad was in the pool, on the track, over the jumping beams, did We
Realize that you need not fight:

মাল টা এতো ভালো,
এতো ভালো,
জে মারতে মারতেই আমরা ঘুমিয়ে পরবো।






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