Navy loaves of drowsiness
With knees bossoming pillow

Arm slung over the rest
Like an addicts last wish

Pirouetting to the apogee
Of theft;
Rain forms at the plates of her glasses,
as my hands climb to her shoulder

Crotch inflating,
A minute or 10 can’t hurt.
Her index, never to forget, dials the digits.
Cell phone left dizzying in blur.

To the gas station
My harrowed friend.
Peck my lips.
No matter.
I have eternities to give her.
We will be reborn as paintings

Dining with father
On mother’s back
“You cannot wait”
Land line jingles.
Snap to attention,
“She’s back home.”
caught in limbo.

“Too many in Karachi”
“We must, though”
Behind the laboratory,
Where geniuses sleep, like croon voiced detectives patting themselves for the perfect turncoat.

Providence you have answered my letters
As vegetation scrawling from the cracks of machinery.

The Day After–
Laptops in browse for
Child Protection Services,
While you skidded like pigeons across
tarmac to the 777.
It rings then.



-Photograph: Gazi Nafis Ahmed

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