Cherry or When Spring Turns To Summer

Photograph: Jonathan Rosenbaum

The Sound thumping at your skull

Your maddened trance
hushing the corridors to my heart

The Falgun breeze,
tickling my insides,
splashing the streets red

flares of crisp cloth,
the ringing bangles,
and the kisses in Lavatories
did not let me forget.

When, Whom and How—
To bind tyranny with a human face.

5 thoughts on “Cherry or When Spring Turns To Summer

  1. You find truly stunning photographs to go with your equally stunning poetry! Where do you look to find them? I always spend way too long trying to find pictures for mine that I end up giving up and posting them picture-less! I’ve followed and hope to see plenty more of your work 🙂


    1. Some of the photographs I get are from Google (I try to give the photographer credit where ever I can); the rest are either taken by my friend Zubayr ( or by myself.
      I guess I always try to find something that will match the content of the poem, although it’s not always obvious.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work 🙂


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